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Market ,Clients and their challenges are our teachers because this pushes us to grow our knowledge and expand technology infrastructure 

Everything we do for

 we do it for


Our Clients are remarkably diverse: large and small, private and public, food and nonfood, civil works and technology infrastructure.


We're organized around client and community relationship. We keep this in mind making each project sustainable and a unique experience for the human.




The largest sustainable slaughter house in the middle east with biological waste water treatment, solid waste rendering plant.



Two of the five highest grossing retailers in 




Clients spanning diverse marketing sector and in different cities of GCC regions

CIP sees design as strategy in action, focused on results. We help our clients envision a better future and get there successfully. We help them leverage design’s power to generate innovative solutions that affect real transformation.

Design is being redefined by sustainability. We are continually evolving our organization and design processes to deliver innovation aimed at helping clients and communities become more resourceful, resilient and regenerative.

CIP is committed to creating positive, enduring change through social responsibility and civic engagement in the communities where we live and work.

For us, design is the means. The starting points are goals, strategies and expectations, but it transcends them to create a new and better reality. Design is transformative.

A local global platform for
design and delivery


CIP provides turnkey sustainability support from strategy and planning to implementation and refinement. Our design team provides early visioning and policy development support and ongoing project assessments to help our clients achieve optimal business performance.

Our integrated sustainability delivery model provides complete sustainable design services including new construction, commercial interiors and facility development projects.

CIP is widely recognized as the regions leading collaborative design and delivery firm, not just the largest. The ability to work together as an integrated team is part of our DNA, and we’ve embraced it at every level, from our CEO to our designers and project teams.


The focus of CIP Team is on serving our clients effectively wherever they need our services. Our one-firm firm ethos saves time, cuts costs, and delivers innovation. We offer the design industry’s deepest bench of expertise, matched with experience gained by working with our clients across the global economy. We bring that broad knowledge to bear on every project and locations.

Sustainable Design

Design Performance

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