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Telecommunication Networks

BTS Installation and Commissioning activity composing of new site installation, site  relocation, service upgrade, technology upgrade and maintenance of new and  existing networks. We have experienced telecom engineers capable of handling all  types of installations relate to 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. BTS 3900 L and RRU installations. Inside Shelter and Antennas, AAU, RRU Tower as well


When several users of telecommunications media wish to communicate with one another, they must be organized into some form of network. Modern telecommunications networks avoid issues by establishing a linked network of switches, or nodes, such that each user is connected to one of the nodes. Each link in such a network is called a communications channel. Wire, fibre-optic cable, and radio waves may be used for different communications channels.


Telecommunication Installation

BTS Integration

Installation of BSC, & STP equipment's.

Upgrading the existing BTS/BSC/MSC with new version.

MW Installation and Commissioning activity.

We pride ourselves in having highly skilled experienced and professional team  capable of handling installation and integration of GSM, EDGE, WIMAX, UMTS –  supporting 2G, 3G, 4G & 5G connectivity using RF BANDS 800/ 900/ 1800/ 2100/  2600 MHz, which includes site construction, installation and upgradation  Services The  company’s  core  service  in  the  field  of  telecommunication includes:

Radio Design Planning (For In Building Solutions) Telecommunication  Engineering Services Turnkey Service Provider Project  Management Passive Operation and Maintenance Services


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